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Why I don’t want a Guitar Hero 4 (kinda)

February 20th, 2008 by Raj

I *love* Guitar Hero (or as I like to call it “The Heterosexual Man’s Singstar” *). To this date there hasn’t been a game, on any platform, that I’ve returned to as many times as I have with Guitar Hero. It really doesn’t matter how much of an idiot you might look like thumping away at a tiny plastic guitar that’s more likely to have been manufactured by Fisher-Price than Fender because for those few precious moments I am The-Rock-God and you will bow to my power of awesome-ness!

So with all that praise and admiration for myself Guitar Hero why wouldn’t I want the next imminent edition of this fantastic saga? Well you see, like many things in the world, I have a little problem with the Guitar Hero franchise. Personally I feel, as a game, there’s not a lot more that you can really add on in terms of gameplay. You plug in your guitar, you watch pretty coloured balls of light float down the screen and you do your best to co-ordinate your fingers pressing the same coloured buttons on your plastic axe, that’s pretty much the description on the box word for word. No really, it is… I’m sure that’s what it said.

GH Jumping

The point is there isn’t much else to change or do; before you know it the developers try and lure you with fanciful ideas like having “battles” (ask any Guitar Hero fan boy about that and you’ll quickly find a unison feeling of hatred) and see the game incorporate tangents off a core functionality that works and is what people want. Sure, all the little additions haven’t been complete waste of time, and with the advent of “Rock Band” it wont be long before Guitar Hero will no doubt join the multi-faceted instrument world of its new competitor, but again it’s pretty much the same coloured blobs and timing.

If that’s the case then the only real desire for me purchase any new iteration of Guitar Hero is purely to gain access to a new range of new tracks that I can jump around the lounge room to, staring in my own personal sold out concert for one. In this my friends is where my problem ensues… Each Guitar Hero disc contains a range of songs, some you like more than others and some you only play once to get past them to finish the game and gain those precious Gamerscore points (you gamer-whore you!). What I’ve come to quickly learn is that there’s tracks on GHII that I really enjoy playing, Freebird for example, and occasionally I want to jam out it but the GHIII disc is in my xBox’s drive and now I’ve got to stand up and switch discs and re-load the game, blah, blah. OK, so doing it once isn’t too bad, but now I want to play 3’s & 7’s so it’s a disc switch again… and again… and again… and… well I’m sure you get my point.

It’s pretty annoying, I mean I can understand that a disc is a disc and that’s what’s stored on the thing, but when you buy tracks for GHII online which are stored on your console’s drive why can’t they be read by GHIII too? Have the guys at Red Octane changed the track’s code/format that much after their bust up with Harmonix? Come on people, a little thing called “backwards compatibility” springs to mind (even if I could care less about it on a console, that’s another story kids).

GH Dorks

This is my big solution to make the new Guitar Hero 4 worth while as a purchase for little-old-me. Give me a disc, hell I’ll even pay double and take another plastic guitar too, for a game that works just as well and as fun as the others before it with a whole bunch of new tracks and low and behold it can read (at the bare minimum) all of my paid for downloaded tracks from GHII & GHIII. Now that would be great, but to make it awesome give me the ability to pop in my previous copies of Guitar Hero and copy those tracks to my drive and play them in GHIV too! Yeah!! That idea kicks royal arse! Sure there’d need to be some security, copyright bullshit so you can’t just have your mate pop around with their old disc and leech the tracks, I get that, but figure that shit out dudes, I’m the ideas man!

So there you have it, my idea for selling a ba-jillion copies of GHIV and perhaps even providing a reason to back-sell a crap load of old stock out there. I’m sure it’ll probably never happen though, and you know what, I’m pretty sure, come the later half of the year when the new version does come out, I’ll be one of the millions of consumers out there that add that game to my shelf right next to it’s older sisters regardless of my dreams coming true or not.



* Before you start sending the flame emails let me just clarify that in by saying that it doesn’t mean homosexual people wouldn’t enjoy Guitar Hero just the same as heterosexual people. I just don’t do Singstar… regardless of how drunk I get. lol.

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Who are you?

January 9th, 2008 by Raj


Quite often I find myself walking down the street at any particular random time of the day in any just as random city approached by complete strangers who want to know if I’m the guy behind this website. More often than not almost immediately after I’m approached I also get to meet the warm embrace of their open palm or on particularly lucky occasions I have a more hard, clenched fist approach to the upper bridge of my nose further perpetuating my never ending quest to join the crooked likes of Hollywood greats such as Adrien Brody or Owen Wilson. You see, just in case you hadn’t figured it out already, these “fans” are in fact random persons who have no knowledge of myself and are probably wondering just who is this weirdo and why on earth should I know him?

Whilst the previous scenario may be entirely fictional it does provide a rather convenient segue into this particular post’s topic of who actually reads this blog? Someone must, there’s a few hundred hits every week and judging by the wonderful world of web statistics you’re pulled in from all corners of this big round ball I like to call “Earth”. So what I thought would be an interesting social experiment that I’m sure a tiny, tiny majority of you may partake in would be to ask you, the reader, to comment at the bottom of this article and tell me a little about yourself. I mean it’s only fair, you know all about me and my petulant ways why not tell me a little somethin’, somethin’ (to borrow a phrase from the kids these days) about your bad self!

“But Raj, what is it that you want to know about me?” I hear you painstakingly asking yourself. It’s OK my child, don’t fret I will help you out by providing some wonderfully well rounded and scientifically deduced questions below this very paragraph of all places! All you need to do is copy and paste them into the comments field and fill in the blanks! Ready?? Here we go…

The Questions about your “bad self”

  • What is your name?
  • Where are you from? (ie. City/Country)
  • Do you know Raj in the real world and not just in a stalking online fashion type of way?
  • Two part question… Do you come here often? Can I buy you a drink? Hang on; 2nd part applies to females only.
  • Why is it that you’re reading this? Work that boring?
  • What would you like me to write about more/less?
  • How many roads must a man walk down before he can call himself a man?
  • Tell me something interesting, anything… quickly, first thing that just zipped through your head!

There you go, they’re not hard at all are they?! To prove it I’m going to answer them myself to show you exactly what I’m expecting from you…. oh and if you’re wondering how to get to the comments section you need to click on the article’s title to take you to the right page.

What’s your name?
Raj, that’s pretty fucking obvious now isn’t it. Fucking moron.

Where are you from?
Well when a Mummy and a Daddy really, really love each other….

Do you know Raj in the real world and not just in a stalking online fashion type of way?
Well considering I’m writing about myself I’m hoping that I know me in real life. But then you might ask yourself, does anyone truly know themselves without true inner peace and enlightenment? Hmmmm…..

Do you come here often?
Well yeah, every time I write something I do. Kinda have to if I want anyone to read the bloody thing.
Can I buy you a drink?
Yeah OK, thanks. Oh hang on I’m a guy, yeah but I’m dead sexy and who’s going to love you if you don’t love yourself first right?

Why is it that you’re reading this? Work that boring?
Truth is I don’t actually read it; or rather I don’t re-read what I right. Mostly it’s because I know there’s mistakes in there and frankly I think someone should pay for me to have an editor that does that crap for me.

What would you like me to write about more/less?
That’s a toughie. I really don’t know, or should I say “I don’t quite know”. hehe

How many roads must a man walk down before he can call himself a man?

Tell me something interesting, anything… quickly, first thing that just zipped through your head!
Well the first thing to “zip” through my head was the question again but that doesn’t make for interesting reading at all now does it? The second thing however was the thought of just how many people are going to fucked doing this questionnaire because even I’m worn out and I’m supposed to be the writer here!

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Goodbye 2007, don’t come back soon…

December 31st, 2007 by Raj

New Years in Times Square

When I was a kid I always struggled with the concept of “New Years”. You see I saw the calendar of twelve months as a linear path, you travel in a straight line through time from January to December and once you hit the 31st that’s it, year over. The problem wasn’t in that logic but more so the fact that after December 31 it was once again January. Calendars weren’t round like the clock hanging on the wall of my bunk-bed adorning room. Clocks made sense, you went in a circle, years were straight. I always imagined that there was this strange Euclidean time period between the end of the year just gone and the start of the new, some sort of time spatial U-turn the universe made to allow it to travel all the way back to January 1st. What made my mind explode just that little bit more causing me to start dripping blood from my nose Butterfly Effect style was if the universe had to travel all the way back to January how on earth did it do it so freakin’ quickly when it took us 365 days to trudge through the year. Had I been alive in the days of Magellan or Columbus I dare say I would’ve been your typical ham sandwich pitchfork farmer burning witches and waiting for some poor bastard to sail of the edge of the earth because he was some crackpot that thought the world was round.

Needles to say I was quite young when I thought like that, you get a little older you learn about orbits, the year being another circle of the sun, blah, blah, yadda, yadda. Boring science, I like my idea better; you try and get a four year old to create their own time/space theories! I was a special child.

So how does all this relate to the year that is soon to be passed, 2007. Well… it probably doesn’t really, but I thought it best to share a nice story rather than swear through this entry entirely about how much of a shit year it’s been and that no matter who I’ve talked to they all say the same. I don’t know what it is (actually no that’s a lie, I do know, but I’m not sharing so there!) but boy did this year suck the cock meat sandwich (Harold & Kumar 2 reference… watch trailer here). I truly hated this year; even with my world trip I am gladly leaving this year in the past!

To mark this rather dubious celebration of crapness I wanted to do something a little different than highlighting what I believe are my favourite movies, TV shows, and similar junk that every man & his blog (I say man because 99% are done by nerds) will do and never be read. Whilst I’m most certainly not under the illusion that millions will read my blog either it will none the less be entertaining and cathartic for myself.

It is with belated breath and great pleasure that I present to you… Raj’s list of stuff for 2007 (very similar to the Raj-makes-up-categories TV Awards)

Most annoying thing of the yearPeople on Public Transport
I could devote a yearlong expose on how much the persons occupying space on any form of public transport truly shit me to tears but I’ll try and keep it brief today. I’ve got no beef with public transport itself, as in the actual physical thing that gets you from A to B, it would be a fantastic system if I was the only person using it at any time of the day and I didn’t have to put up with the seemingly endless sea of frigtards (see next award) that don’t cover their mouths to cough & sneeze, that stink, that are just purely nuts and that don’t make room for anyone to get on! I fucking hate public transport, and if any of you write a comment saying “buy a car then” I’ll personally send the crazy air gun guy from No Country for Old Men after you.

Word/Saying of the yearfrigtard
Whilst the rest of the world can go on believing that the geek word “w00t” is somehow cool now because all the frigtards out there are now online using Facebook or MySpace and can speak like a 12 year old kid playing Halo 3 for sixteen hours straight on his Xbox I will break from the collective sheep and personally elect another completely made up word that I have already used in this paragraph. Frigtard (pronounced frig – tard)
Frigtard is a word that I believe was made up by this guy who wrote a blog pretending to be Steve Jobs (well that’s where I found it anyway). The word (if you haven’t guessed this already) is a derivative of two, frigging (used as a euphemism for ‘fuck’ according to Apple’s Dictionary app) and retard (a politically incorrect way of saying moron). Ergo all people on public transport are frigtards. See what I did there, tying it back into the previous award, clever!

Best procrastination tool of the yearGuitar Hero
I’m extremely tempted to put the Internet as the winner of this award but I spent a month without that and one of the only things that kept me from doing anything productive during the solemn period was Guitar Hero 3. That and not only did I get Guitar Hero 3 this year but I also bought number 2 earlier on and haven’t stopped playing both of them since. When you haven’t got time to spare but you really don’t want to do what you’re supposed to be doing than this is the tool for you! Sit back and watch the hours literally disappear and your impending unemployment become ever closer.

Worst moment of the yearBeing overseas when I should’ve been at a funeral
Had a couple of things happened in January instead of December 2006 this little award would’ve been completely different but as it turned out they just happened a little too early and basically made this year shit. Anyway that didn’t happen in 2007 but this one did. So I was overseas, sitting around Paris enjoying myself as you do in Paris when I find out that an old friend of mine has passed away. Shit in itself but the next two weeks I spent trying to get home early to attend a funeral and unfortunately couldn’t do it. It sucked; I still feel shit about it.

Best moment of the yearWatching Ice Hockey in Toronto
Just to prove I’m not a complete pessimist I thought I’d better balance things out with the best moment of the year. Sitting in the Air Canada stadium watching the Toronto Maple Leafs and some other team (I forget) play live was just awesome! I’m not really good at talking about stuff I actually enjoy or like so I don’t really have much else to say other than it was like I was a kid again just having fun!

2008 ResolutionsNone
Making a New Year Resolution is just a stupid idea. Anyone that hasn’t figured that out by now is either five years old or has the brain of a five year old. If you want to do something or make a change in your life do it right then and now, don’t wait for some special date because it will never last my dear kiddies.

A special thanks to all the people that have contributed to this year sucking so much; you know who you are. I couldn’t have been so bitter and dry without your help and without your shit I’d have nothing to write about. True I might be to blame for a lot of it myself but in true Raj fashion I’ll blame others. hehe.

In all seriousness though, I hope everyone has a great year in 2008. Thank you for reading my ramblings throughout 2007, perhaps if I find a girlfriend any time soon you wont be subjected to them anymore! Hehe. Au Revoir.

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It’s Christmas!

December 19th, 2007 by Raj

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Well everyone it’s getting very, very close to that time of year again and with only a few more sleeps until some fat bastard in a bright red suit of commercialism funnels his way down your chimney (or through your living room window or however you’ve described to your children’s young and impressionable minds) and places a collective of junk beneath your tree. “Presents” that you’ll smile at wryly pretending to be surprised or impressed at, oh and perhaps the useful gift of a digital camera that will come in extremely handy in about 24 hours when you start putting the unwanted on eBay.

Now, now, that’s hardly the spirit is it? And believe it or not that’s not the entire truth as to how I look at Christmas. I’m actually not a complete prick when it comes to the festive season, in fact I’d consider myself quite the opposite. Yes, I’m sure this may shock you all a tad but I’m a sucker for this holiday and not at all because it has anything to do with getting presents. I enjoy Christmas; prepare yourself for this…. I enjoy Christmas for the time I get to spend with my family and the presents I get to give!

Whilst the whole cluttered shopping, putting up shitty tinsel and singing carols basically makes me dry reach ten times a day for the six weeks leading up to the holidays I do enjoy the elation of buying presents for my family. I take a great deal of care in ensuring I’m not rushing around at the last minute buying some piece of shit from an airport newsagent before I fly home for the actual day. I enjoy nutting out the ideal gift and as annoying as that can be sometimes to see their face as they tear open that parcel (mutilating what took you fifteen minutes to wrap ever so delicately in a little under five seconds) and it’s exactly right is more reward than any present you can receive.

I’d say I was a lucky kid, we always had great Christmas days with a whole bunch of relatives and regardless of anything that was going on behind doors Christmas was a time to put that aside and enjoy the fact we had each other. Whilst, unfortunately, the family has thinned and scattered over the years I still get to spend it with my immediate family by travelling to Adelaide and seeing them all at once is a present worth travelling countries let alone interstate for.

When it all comes down to it I guess what I’m trying to say is that Christmas, I believe, is a time to put aside any differences you might have. Reach out and embrace those that are special to you and be thankful for what you have; or rather, far more importantly who you have in your life!

To everyone out there in Internet land have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays.

Be safe.

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Cold London = TV Awards

October 5th, 2007 by Raj

Things have been a little slow going the past week. Between trying to organize a flight to get home to Australia early and the miserable drizzle that is London I haven’t been doing a great deal that’s worthy of writing about. As I’m sure you all gathered I haven’t gotten home early, my numerous wait-listed flights didn’t come through so I’ll be returning at my previously decided time, next Wednesday.

So with all the lack of activity what I have I been doing? Well other than a dinner party and generally stuffing my face with gorgeous bacon and eggs most mornings there hasn’t been much else besides the wonderful world that is television. This got me thinking a bit, instead of giving you a play by play of my remote usage and couch occupancy I invite you all to indulge in the inaugural “Raj-makes-up-categories TV Awards”.

Best Newcomer Dirty, Sexy, Money & Californication
I’ve got two down for this one because technically Californication has been around the last month or so but is still one of the major highlights on TV at the moment. It’s a gritty, in your face, no bars hold look at the puke that is Hollywood and the dying art of the word. Granted it also has one of the highest BPM (boob’s per minute) showings on free to air TV in Australia, which may deter some female viewers but that aside its dialogue and premise is brilliant.

Dirty, Sexy, Money is an unusual one. Take “The Royal Tenenbaums” and cross it with “LA Law” and you get the story of a lawyer who’s sole purpose is to keep this one family (The Darlings) out of trouble whilst at the same time trying to find out who hijacked his Dad’s plane and got him killed. I’m really enjoying this one, get on to it.

Flogging a Dead Horse – Desperate Housewives, Season 4
Sorry ladies of Wysteria Lane but having another dead body in the basement, or pregnant mum covering for her idiotic daughter is getting plain boring. You’ve done your dash, hang up the frocks and take your millions and move on. The majority of you are already type-casted don’t make it any worse.

Most Consistent – Weeds, Season 3
Whilst it may now be in it’s third season Weeds has never let me down. You may find the premise of the show a little beyond belief (A middle class widow supporting her family through drug dealing) but if you’ve been watching this one from the beginning you can certainly understand just how realistic this plot could be. Excellent written and full of black humour Weeds is worth going back and watching from season one, episode one if you’ve not heard of the show before.

Biggest Let Down – Heroes, Season 2
I expected big things here, was Sylar still alive, who’s the bogey man that Molly keeps having nightmares about? Instead I get a sci-fi version of “Three Men and a Baby” as Mohinder and Parkman shack up looking after Molly and being a bunch of tossers. Oh and don’t even get me started on Hiro. Fuck, that little moron is the biggest dweeb and the whole story line he’s stuck in is pathetic. I really, really hope things start getting better soon, you’ve got four episodes to get me back.

Piece of Crap – Bionic Woman, Season 1
I’m seriously trying to like this show but each episode looks more tacky and a bigger cliche than the one before it. Hopefully time will prove me wrong but from what I saw in the US NBC are banking on this one big time. So far I’m unimpressed.

Hurry Up Already!!!
This award goes to shows that have taken too long to get around to starting again. These are….
Nip/Tuck, Season 5
Battlestar Galactica, Season 4

Thank god you’ve started again
Again a list, I couldn’t be bothered making up any more fake categories.
House, Season 4
Friday Night Lights, Season 2

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Finish what you started

May 31st, 2007 by Raj

"To start and not finish is worse than not starting at all." It’s a saying that I came up with a few months ago to motivate myself to finish things; at the time it was in relation to a project I’d started almost a year ago to the day, but after writing those few words down on paper they’ve served me far beyond my expectations.

If you’re like me you’re full of ideas, the world is a giant oyster just dying to be taken on and whilst you have that fleeting moment of passion; that wonderment of change you could inflict upon everyone there seems nothing less important in the world. Yet as time moves by the idea and your work begins to fade, excuses are made to your own conscience and before you know it the only change you’ve made is the calendar on the wall as another year has passed by, wasted to the grinding wheel of life. That once possessed feeling of passion that consumed you at conception has blown away like the seeds of a thistle in the breeze.

For me I quite often go beyond the birth of an idea and follow it through infancy, the excitement of something new in my life, a challenge that might require research or the learning of a new skill fuel the desire to continue in a new found quest. It’s once foundations are laid and challenge becomes chore that a point far too common tips in favour of a new TV show or the latest xbox game, and with that begins the rapid decline in will. From time to time I may revive the project in small spurts but it’s never the same commitment I showed in the beginning, it’s lost that shiny-new-idea-lustre and pretty soon it will be replaced with the next big idea or just shear complacency with the world and current life situation.

Sometimes I think I’m actually scared of going through with anything from start to finish, which is odd because you would think to create, or rather to complete a creation could bring such joy, yet I see it as fear. Is it the fear of rejection? Will no one appreciate the effort, will I be mocked or worse yet, criticised? If only we could outsource our minds in the same way corporations do their dirty work of call centre duties. Let’s be honest though, that’s just being lazy, and would you really be willing to watch someone turn your idea into a reality and take the credit? I know I wouldn’t.

So how do you maintain that original feeling of passion, that yearning desire to make a difference? To be honest I don’t think there is a definitive answer that can encompass everyone. In-fact I don’t think there’s even one answer that works in every situation, but I do believe it has a lot to do with inspiration. To find one’s muse in their work is a driving force beyond comprehension. Think of what you’re doing and who it will impact, how it may help someone be it yourself or others and how that will make you feel. Regardless of your project there will always be someone to benefit from its outcome and will appreciate the effort and dedication you’ve shown to accomplish its conclusion. Talk to people about it, find someone that understands you and confide in them. There’s nothing more inspirational than sharing your goals with someone you care about and having them reciprocate your passion to achieve.

I guess when it all comes down to it I’m writing this as elaboration on my own quote as further inspiration to myself. I don’t want to wake up in twenty years time and look back thinking I’d been too lazy to have at least tried, wondering where my life had gone and what could have been had I just finished off what I’d started. It’s always easier to make excuses and lay blame but really you only have yourself to scold. So if you’ve started on something, be it a tree-house for your kids, a commitment to that special person in your life or a new satellite launching mechanism, see it through, contribute! If you get halfway, or even ninety percent of the way and stop you may as well have not started in the first place because… “To start and not finish is worse than not starting at all.”

Thistle seeds blowing in the wind

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Flying just isn’t fun anymore

April 3rd, 2007 by Raj

Can you remember a time when you thought flying was fun? I can’t. The memory of looking forward to getting inside a few hundred ton of metal and hurling myself into the gravity defying blue yonder has slowly faded into a distant one. I have no real fear of flying, it doesn’t phase me at all but like so many things in life the thought of it being fun has been lost. Think of it in the same kind of way that the memory of your first blow job tells you it was probably awesome, in fact you know it was but you just can’t remember any of the details that well anymore.

At this very moment I’m a few thousand feet above the South Australian, Victorian border on my way from Melbourne to Adelaide to visit my family. I’ve made this same trip about thirty or forty times in the past couple of years and with each flight I tend to get more and more annoyed at the whole event. For instance with my current flight there’s already been a delay on departure that no one can explain, I have a child constantly kicking the back of my seat (Can’t wait to send the parents my physio bill), a sweaty fat guy drooling asleep to my right and some moron that likes screaming at random intervals in some kind of drunken gibberish.

Its because of these wonderful experiences that I’ve come to develop some helpful guidelines I recommend all flying commuters take a quick glance over; if not in an attempt to make your flying day better but to make my entire life a little easier. That’s what’s really important here isn’t it? Hehe, so here’s a few tips to hopefully make flying fun again for everyone….

Check-in online.
Most modern airlines these days are offering you the ability of checking in online up to 24 hours before your actual departure. The fantastic thing about this is that you can choose your seating allocation and you’re not stuck with some random seat you have no control over. Also there’s a greater selection of seating options because you’ll be one of the first to choose your seat, which comes to my next point.

Choosing your seat.
If you’re lucky enough to be able to have free choice over your seat here’s a couple of points to keep in mind. The first couple of rows are allocated for people who may have difficulty getting on and off the plane. If you don’t like talking to old people steer clear of these. The last few rows are, from my experience, usually where the parents with infants get dumped. If screaming kids and chair kicking isn’t your thing stay out of the last few rows. So where else does that leave you? Well the middle but then you’ll be standing around waiting for everyone to get off for ten minutes when you hit the ground not to mention being stuck in an emergency isle which means no hand luggage under the seat in front of you. My personal favorite is an isle seat (so much easier to go to the bathroom if required) in about the 4th row from the rear. Also if you’re choosing your seat online and you can see there’s a window seat taken and you choose the isle you’ve got a good chance of that seat between the two remaining free on less busy flights which gives you some extra room!

Get to the airport early & relaxed.
There’s nothing more annoying than being borderline late for a flight and dealing with slow morons at every stage of the process from the moment you step out of your cab at the airport to getting through the four hundred security points and on to your plane. I know what you’re thinking though, why would I want to be in an airport for an hour before my flight bored shitless? Well this is what I would do, if you fly with one airline regularly they probably have a lounge of some type that you can join or a casual visit price. Try them out, get a drink and relax, read the paper or play a bit of Playstation, you’ll be surprised just how big a difference it can make. If you tend to roam between airline carriers find the airport bar and have a little something to relax the nerves there instead.

Be prepared for security.
There is nothing more annoying than people that don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to what they can & can’t take on a plane these days. If it’s sharp put it in your luggage, if you have anything in your pockets put it in your hand luggage *before* you go through the metal detectors and for the love of god have your laptops out and ready so everyone in the line doesn’t have to watch you unzip your 20 compartments to get it out. The regulations of what you can take on board with you may differ from country to country so just be aware of what you need to do and be prepared.

I’m not your friend.
Just because I’ve been placed next to you on a plane for the next (x) minutes/hours does not automatically make me your best friend. In most cases I will never, ever see you again in my life. This is not to say conversing with your fellow passenger should be forbidden but don’t keep trying if they’re obviously not interested. Having them put headphones on would be a prime example of this disinterest.

Fly with someone.
Actually let me elaborate a little; fly with someone you like! Flying is a crap load more fun when you’ve got someone to talk to, it’s even more fun if they’re a little scared of flying and then you can giggle at them every time you hit some turbulence. I’m so evil! Mwahahaha!

Your own entertainment.
Never ever rely on in-flight entertainment from your airline. Half the time it doesn’t work the other half the quality is crap, especially on domestic flights. Make sure you have your iPod or some other device handy and charged. Not only does it provide you with media you know you’ll definitely enjoy but can also serve as a great mechanism for stopping strangers from making random conversation or drowning out screaming children.

There you have it, just a few little things to keep in mind before embarking on your next airborne voyage. These are just ideas and thoughts that have helped me in the past and although I’m sure there’s a lot more to add I just didn’t want to sound like a complete prick and suggest muzzles for children or anything. Just joking…. Do you have any suggestions for fun air travel? Let me know.
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Twitter me this

March 30th, 2007 by Raj

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The latest fad riding the nerd wave of the current Internet Web 2.0 resurgence bubble is a new application from Obvious Corp called Twitter. Twitter is a web-based application that allows you to post short messages (up to 140 characters) that anyone can subscribe to.

What’s the point of it all I hear you asking; well in my opinion not a fucking lot. Essentially the majority of Twitter’s ever increasing user base (60,000+ with a growth rate of 20% per week) use the service to post updates on their regular day and whereabouts. “I ate a pie”, “On my way to Maccas”, and ”Going to work by car” are some rather random examples of dullness you can expect from your average Twitter. These messages are often displayed on their owner’s blogs and websites linking into the Twitter service similarly to the way Flickr allows you to display your most recent photos on a web page, using a custom API (Application Programming Interface).

So why is it so popular? It’s rather a good question actually. It seems the tech gods have rather smiled on this little side project with some of the world’s top tech celebs jumping on board, Leo Laporte being one of them is currently one of Twitters most active users according to Twitter monitoring site Twitterholic. By subscribing to Leo or any other number of celebs cashing in on the service’s current popularity you can follow their lives in an almost stalker like fashion but who really wants to subscribe to Joe Blogs from LA’s feed and see what type of sandwich he just ate? Family & friends perhaps? Maybe but I doubt even they’d care that much!
It seems that others are using the application as if it were a permanently online instant messaging service. You’ll often see messages beginning with “@Veronica” meaning your latest post is directed to the user Veronica but this requires that all your friends use Twitter and your entire conversations are open for the world to read. Why wouldn’t you send an email or a text message?

Twitter page

Presently there is no advertised strategy behind Twitter; no business model to support the tool and perhaps there will never be one but without it like many Internet fads I believe you’ll soon find the sign up rate dropping off and the user posts rapidly declining. My biggest problem with it is who could be fucking bothered?! What incentive do I, a regular nobody, have to be doing this and who could give a flying fuck?

Strategically for the application to have some legs will require some business acumen. There’s always that age-old Internet trait of popping in advertising but frankly that would just piss everyone off, no one wants ads in their messages unless the user’s getting some bank as a result. The one area I haven’t seen any real mention of is business, using Twitter as notification tool for example, perhaps providing a licensed installer to deploy the application on a local network, these are areas I think will need to be explored for there to be any longevity in the project.

There’s plenty of people out there who are in love with this product and plenty who aren’t. It’s quite a fiery debate at present but Twitter to me is nothing more than another fad in a long list that will die a natural death. I wont be signing up for an account any time soon but please feel free to try it out yourself and let me know what you think.

Some Twitters to check out:

Twitter Links:

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