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Another f#@king blog??

The way I see it there are two different types of blog in the world…

The first is one that actually has content, there are real posts that have meaning to someone somewhere in the world and is actually serving a purpose. Take Engadget for example.

The second, well it’s crap, everyone else has one so why don’t I create one and shove a shit load of advertising over it in the hopes that somehow I’ll have a bunch of morons click away and earn me some cash, or better yet I’ll join the mass on MySpace and agonize over my top eight friends and who I’m going to piss off by not including. Fuck off.

Why did you start a blog then Raj? That’s the question on your lips isn’t it? You can’t see any astounding content that is making a life difference for millions; well no, there probably wont be but then I don’t think Daring Fireball does that either but there are some who find it’s content relevant if not informative & that’s what I hope to do.

What you will find on here is that each entry has a body, there’s some depth to it. The lack luster appeal of millions of sub ten word entries in the blog world must be off the charts! You wont find any of your standard “This is cool [insert link]” postings here because I like to write; I like to write and have some thought behind it and it’s my hope that others will enjoy it too.

All things said and done even if no one does read anything on here that’s fine, I’m not doing it for the fame I’m doing it for me.