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About this Raj guy

How to write about ones self and not sound like a complete self indulgent tool? Hmmm…

I was born in Port Lincoln, South Australia a small city at the bottom of the Eyre Peninsula that was once destined to be the capital of South Australia should they have looked a little harder for fresh water back in the day. Once out of High School I then moved to Adelaide in 1999 to study Computer Science at the University of SA and now reside in Melbourne, Victoria where I work full time as a Web & Database developer.

I’m an insulin dependent diabetic, have been now for over half my life, and it was because of this that I began getting involved with computers. As my involvement with computers and the Internet grew I began my own Web Design firm, Webstar Productions when I was 16 and still continue working with some of my original clients today. Whilst at Uni I began working part time with an Apple reseller and thus bloomed my passion for all things Mac. This lead to the creation of the “Mac User Show” podcast which I hosted for a year and my current involvement in writing for the newly formed “Mac Talk Magazine” and other publications on a freelance basis.

There are plenty of ways to get in touch with me should you require.

Email: raj.deut [at] gmail [dot] com
Skype: raj.deut