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Lights, helicopter, photo!

June 14th, 2011 by Raj

R/C Helicopter light experiment #2

What to do on a cold Melbourne Saturday night over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend? Fly a helicopter around your lounge room and take long exposure photos of it of course! I’d never used “bulb” mode on my 7D before and after a few test shots to establish some basic settings I was ready to go. The set up consisted of my Canon 7D on a tripod in the corner of the room with a 10-22mm wide angle lens connected to my laptop running EOS Utility in order for me to open & close the shutter (I didn’t have a simple remote to do this), the helicopter at half throttle on the stool in the middle of the photos and its remote sitting in my lap.

I wanted to make the environment visible but not to the point where it would detract from the light trails the helicopter left so I left my 50″ TV (to the right of the photos) on at half brightness to provide a dull light source and add some character. The actual settings for each photo varies slightly and I even experimented using a Neutral Density filter at some stage but generally it was around the following: 14mm, f22, ISO 400, 40 seconds

Check out my favourites below and on flickr.

R/C Helicopter light experiment #3

R/C Helicopter light experiment #1

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5 Responses

  1. Mark Says:

    All i read was “nerd nerd nerd 14mm….nerd nerd nerd f22…nerd nerd nerd ISO 400…”

    Pics looks awesome though ;)

  2. Julian Says:

    That’s funny, ’cause all i read was photonerd photonerd photonerd photonerd photonerd photonerd helicopter photonerd photonerd photonerd photonerd

  3. Tyroga Says:

    Excellent work, I agree with your favourites. The lines are more pronounced. I love that you experiment so much, something I should do more.

    Very inspiring.

  4. amin Says:

    nice work Raji :)
    just wondering did you have to photoshop out the helicopter in your end results or if it disappeared automatically cuz of the long exposure & various filters ?
    also did you custom fit the lights to the helicopter ?

  5. Raj Says:

    @amin Cheers bro. Didn’t need to do any Photoshop stuff. The helicopter was moving too much and it was dark so it doesn’t show up.
    The lights were on the helicopter when I bought it :)

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