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Bang & Olufsen enter the 3D TV market

April 20th, 2011 by Raj

I’m a design whore, there’s no denying it, I have to be, there’s no other reason anyone in their right mind would have stuck by Apple through all the years had they not have been (it most certainly wasn’t their PowerPC processing ceiling I assure you), and for me Bang & Olufsen (B&o) are the Apple of the home entertainment world. Many people will call it overpriced (which lets be honest it kinda is) and internally its technical capabilities aren’t as good as what you may be able to find for cheaper but fuck me if it isn’t the sexiest looking hi-fi gear around town.

Today B&o announced their first foray in to the burgeoning 3D TV world. The BeoVision 4-85 is an 85 inch behemoth plasma based (yes they still prefer plasma over LCD colour recreation – and rightly so) that incorporates the BeoLab 10 centre speaker and apparently 3D. Their press release doesn’t go in to great technical detail nor provide pricing (expect over A$70k) information but expect more info post its official release in Moscow tomorrow. In the mean time take a look at the BeoVision 4-85’s currently available cousin the BeoVision 4-103 (that’s 103 inches weighing 500kg folks) to get an idea of what she’ll look like.

To own a piece of B&o equipment is to adopt a child, in that buying one of their lavish devices may well cost you the same as a child does until they leave home at 18, trust me I’ve owned a CD player they make (and you’ll see in almost any Hollywood film with an office or decadent home) the BeoSound 9000 and I took out a loan! Mind you I was crazy and 21 at the time; but you do these things… don’t you?

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