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Apple Australia: Continuing to bite the reseller hands that feed it

April 4th, 2011 by Raj

A recent MacTalk post eagle-eyed a new round of retail job listings for the Victorian postcode 3205 otherwise known as “South Melbourne”. A store here would mark Apple’s first in-roads towards servicing the Melbourne CBD. The news was of course met with a chorused “Huzzah!” by fanboys en masse – the minor sub-plot: a debate waged over whether this meant the demise of any plans for a truly central CBD store.

Should this four digit prophecy prove true spare a thought for Apple reseller Computers Now. Their head office and showroom currently reside upon a corner of Clarendon St, South Melbourne’s main retail strip and what is most likely to be the home of the alluded Apple store. A slight kick in the balls to Comp Now who’d undoubtably see their retail bottom line take a hit with Apple parking their butts a few hundred metres down the road. Salt in the wound when you consider that the two Apple retail stores currently operating in Victoria have also parked themselves squarely on Computers Now’s doorsteps firstly at Chadstone (a store which has since closed) and Doncaster (a whole 100 metres away on the same floor of the shopping centre). Not only have Apple kicked them in the balls but I’d say they’ve fair cut them off too!

None of this would irk me too greatly should I not have, many years ago, ventured in to the realm of becoming an Apple reseller myself and gone through a very tiresome process of choosing a location that needed to be approved by Apple and the powers that be. Dealing with your local Apple Business Development Manager (BDM) my partners and I were given a very lengthy radial berth that we not impede on existing resellers and their business. The technicalities and legalities behind it all could be construed as complex but the general gist was around population density and it’s relation to supporting multiple outlets. At this time you have to remember the iMac had barely seen the light of day and Apple was hardly cash positive so their aim was to cover as much land mass as possible and not cannibalise their rather meagre sales streams. It made sense. It was business wise and between then and now Apple has been forced to recognise that all the good spots have already been taken and it would seem are just muscling the poor bastards out of their way.

Contracts and clauses have no doubt changed in the past eight or nine years, of that I’m sure, and technically Apple aren’t a “reseller” so the rules don’t apply in the first place but I still think it’s a shitty way to say thanks for standing by them while we were selling your crap Quadra 900′s for ten grand a pop once a year and eating tinned soup for dinner.

In closing I should add that I have never worked at Computers Now nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I also have no knowledge of any negotiations Apple may or may not have with the aforementioned resellers should they impose their giant foot on nearby ground. This is purely an opinion piece.

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4 Responses

  1. Stu Says:

    Yo man, the Comp now store in Shoppo (Doncaster) has also closed down. They had no chance. Closed not long after the apple crazys moved in.

  2. James Says:

    I heard Apple Stores are run from the US, the local BDMs have no input or vision into how they’re run.

  3. Raj Says:

    @Stu Well that was bound to happen now wasn’t. Thanks, I’ll update the post.

    @James I have a feeling you’re spot on with this one. Perhaps I should change the title of the article to “Apple” instead of Apple Australia hey ;)

  4. Richard Says:

    Hi, Just got linked to this blog from an article on another blog (funny how that works :)

    Im a reseller and service agent, service agent first (for 4 years now) and reseller now that im in a retail shop area)
    Im in a rural area, so competing with another agent isnt an issue, but i certainly feel for those stores who get undermined by the big A:

    even for me, when the new 27″ iMacs came out Apple had plenty of stock.. for themselves and the online store, sellers missed out, I had one customer, determined to support local business wait 4 months to get his iMac, on his visit to the Sydney store they said “we have plenty here, cancel your order and you can walk away with one’
    To me, thats stabbing us in the back.
    But the customer waited and I made a sale, no thanks to Apple. :/

    rant over.. sorry :)

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