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Integrating Facebook comments

January 12th, 2011 by Raj

Love it or hate it Facebook is more and more becoming the backbone for social tools across the net and for this reason I’ve spent some time now debating over whether or not to integrate it into my blog. So now with 2011 upon us I’ve made the decision to take the plunge, which if you’re reading this will be blatantly obvious as it’s staring you in the face.

What does this mean for people who want to comment? Well nothing really. If you use Facebook and you’ve logged in to it recently then you’ll see your Facebook profile picture and a box for you to write your comment. If you don’t use Facebook you’ll still be allowed to comment anonymously just as before. Easy peasy.

For those interested, to do all of this was extremely easy because of a wonderful WordPress plugin called “Facebook Comments for WordPress“. It takes care of pretty much all grunt work and I’m very thankful to its author, Graham Swan.

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