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One year ago today…

September 22nd, 2008 by Raj

Today marks one year exactly since whence I first happened upon Canadian borders as a part of my 2007 world trip. Being the sentimental old fool that I am I thought it might be nice to mark the occasion by reproducing a somewhat similar day to that of when I arrived.

While I didn’t go as far as renting a room in The Drake Hotel where I was staying last year I did mimic the morning’s activities by staying in bed until around midday before decided to head down Queen Street West to my original stomping grounds and retake the first Canadian based photo I took last year.

Click for the same shot taken in 2007

Click for 2007's shot

I distinctly remember walking from The Drake down to the Eaton Centre with the beaming sunshine (which seems to be increasingly absent this year), the then newly Foo Fighters’ album Echoes, Silence, Patience pumping away on my iPod, camera shutter fluttering at every corner and just soaking it all in. It’s hard to believe it was only a year ago and now here I am living in a city on the opposite side of the world, that’s not where I saw myself a year ago but here I am!!

Just to put everyone’s mind at ease I’m not developing any form of Canadian accent, unlike whenever I’m in England and I start talking like a Brit in about five seconds I seem impervious to North American accentual assimilation. There’s no “ey” added on to the end of random sentences either but I will conform to the localization of my nouns purely for ease of life. eg. washroom for toilet, or sweater for jumper. No, I’m still pretty “dinkim” for want of a better word, and I’ll be letting it be known when attending the Toronto Dingos AFL grand final party next Friday night!

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