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Social Conundrum #34897: To tell or not to tell

February 5th, 2008 by Raj

This morning’s train ride was just like any other, a fun filled ray of sunshine on Melbourne’s finest public transport system. Without a doubt the most enjoyable twenty minutes of mine and my zombie like fellow commuters day. Quite obviously I’m not the only person who has morning issues in Melbourne, who would have thunk it?!

There was nothing particularly special about today’s “journey of joy”, the scenery outside the window was the same as the day before and while my eyes could barely part to let the sunshine pierce my retina for fear of aggravating yesterday’s drunken Super-bowl celebrations they were given grace by the final legs of the ride being underground. Ah, nothing compares to the comforting warm glow of that oh so familiar artificial light my pale skin had grown all too accustom.

It’s usually about this point I have a look around at fellow passengers, see who’s decided to bask in the radiance of my own special brand of morning beauty, I wouldn’t exactly call the sweep around the carriage as anything more than a passing glance but it’s always good to “evaluate your surroundings” if you know what I mean. *wink*, *wink*

Anyway, just as I was approaching my final stop I was picking up my bag and making my way to the door when I noticed that the woman in front of me, who was wearing a lovely white business shirt and charcoal pinstriped skirt, had unfortunately neglected to notice that right down the centre of the back of her skirt’s seam was a tear about three inches long starting about an inch from the hem and going upwards to her bum. The skirt was lets say, on the shorter side of things, a few inches above the knee so you can imagine a three inch tear was getting up to slightly revealing territory.

Torn Skirt
(Note this is not the actual skirt I saw… sheesh, who do you think I am?!!)

This is where my conundrum comes into play… Obviously I wanted to tap the poor lass on the shoulder and tell her politely that “Hey, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you’ve got a tear running right up the middle of your arse, perhaps you might want to go home and change” in perhaps slightly more delicate words but should I go and do that I run the risk of being perceived some pervert who in her mind only noticed said tear because I was staring at her arse; which, although you may not believe, I was not.

I decided it wasn’t my place to tell her but as I watched her walk away and more and more people quite obviously notice as she passed down the train station’s platform I began to regret it with each passing glance she received. The thing is no one else bothered to tell her, well none that I saw her anyway, but how embarrassed would you be?

So my question to you teh-internets is what would you want to happen to you if you were that person walking off a train at 8am in the morning with a rather significant tear in your posterior’s clothing. I think I’d want to be told, whether it was by a male or a female, old or young, but that’s me. If I did find a tear like that I’d probably call in sick and call the day a right off! hehe.

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