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It’s Christmas!

December 19th, 2007 by Raj

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Well everyone it’s getting very, very close to that time of year again and with only a few more sleeps until some fat bastard in a bright red suit of commercialism funnels his way down your chimney (or through your living room window or however you’ve described to your children’s young and impressionable minds) and places a collective of junk beneath your tree. “Presents” that you’ll smile at wryly pretending to be surprised or impressed at, oh and perhaps the useful gift of a digital camera that will come in extremely handy in about 24 hours when you start putting the unwanted on eBay.

Now, now, that’s hardly the spirit is it? And believe it or not that’s not the entire truth as to how I look at Christmas. I’m actually not a complete prick when it comes to the festive season, in fact I’d consider myself quite the opposite. Yes, I’m sure this may shock you all a tad but I’m a sucker for this holiday and not at all because it has anything to do with getting presents. I enjoy Christmas; prepare yourself for this…. I enjoy Christmas for the time I get to spend with my family and the presents I get to give!

Whilst the whole cluttered shopping, putting up shitty tinsel and singing carols basically makes me dry reach ten times a day for the six weeks leading up to the holidays I do enjoy the elation of buying presents for my family. I take a great deal of care in ensuring I’m not rushing around at the last minute buying some piece of shit from an airport newsagent before I fly home for the actual day. I enjoy nutting out the ideal gift and as annoying as that can be sometimes to see their face as they tear open that parcel (mutilating what took you fifteen minutes to wrap ever so delicately in a little under five seconds) and it’s exactly right is more reward than any present you can receive.

I’d say I was a lucky kid, we always had great Christmas days with a whole bunch of relatives and regardless of anything that was going on behind doors Christmas was a time to put that aside and enjoy the fact we had each other. Whilst, unfortunately, the family has thinned and scattered over the years I still get to spend it with my immediate family by travelling to Adelaide and seeing them all at once is a present worth travelling countries let alone interstate for.

When it all comes down to it I guess what I’m trying to say is that Christmas, I believe, is a time to put aside any differences you might have. Reach out and embrace those that are special to you and be thankful for what you have; or rather, far more importantly who you have in your life!

To everyone out there in Internet land have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays.

Be safe.

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