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Day 11: Your phone is connected… ahhh no it’s not!

November 19th, 2007 by Raj

As if I was somehow psychic in yesterday’s entry in saying that there would surely be something to piss me off today I could have not been more of a clairvoyant if you had a purple towel wrapped around my noggin’ and my name was “Raj the ever seeing guy”.

It was at about midday when my mobile beeped away to let me know that I’d received an SMS. My telecommunications provider had sent me a little note to inform me that my phone line was now completely connected and functional, thus you would presume fixing my little issue of people not being able to call the newly installed landline and also having the order closed off in Telstra wholesaling system allowing me to proceed with the DSL connection. Well you’d think that would be the case now wouldn’t you.

I thought I’d give the old home phone a quick call on my mobile to make sure everything was fixed, I’m a tad skeptical when it comes to telcos, working for one kind of does that.

The number you have called is either invalid or disconnected, please check the number and try again.

Right; phone line not fixed. A quick call and forty minute wait in the support queue later I got through to the first person I’d spoken to at iiNet that had a brain. Not only did this guy understand that I knew what I was talking about, he also sympathized with my situation as he’d recently been through the same thing. Halle-fucking-lujah! Not only did this fine young gentleman, who’s name escapes me now, identify that I had a legitimate issue that was up until now further prolonging precious DSL provisioning time he did something completely above and beyond what any call centre worker has ever done for me. To verify the problem he rang my new landline number from his own mobile phone! Can you believe it?!

Well there is a bit more to it than that, you see first he rang it from his desk phone and it worked. This of course is because my phone is on their own DSLAM network, but when you call it from another, ie. Telstra’s, Optus’s or a mobile network, it doesn’t work for shit. A round of applause please for Tom, or was it Mike, or John, hell a round of applause for the dude that helped!!

So phone issue escalated to the provisioning department to get off their butts and do something he then saw I had a relocating DSL order, one that was half lost because they’d given me a new landline number and not linked it to my old account. Well Tom fixed that too (yeah, let’s stick with Tom as the name). I felt like I’d died and gone to call centre heaven!

Last but certainly not least came the miracle of the day, actually the miracle of this entire debacle that is a relocation request. Tom, the almighty wizard, started the order for my DSL regardless of the line state.


“Tom, you’re a legend mate, I really appreciate it.” I said.
“No problems at all, I can imagine what you’ve been through.” He replied, obviously another member of the brotherhood nerd.
“Yeah I would imagine there’s a few notes on all this.”
“Umm…. 22 for this week so far.” For fuck’s sake, I’ve called these morons twenty two times to get this far and the phone still doesn’t work properly!

It didn’t really matter about the phone line though, there was a DSL order in and now I had to wait a mere four to six working days for an iiNet tech to go to the same exchange the Telstra tech went to last Thursday and plug in the DSL. It’s funny, the Telstra tech even said to me how easy it was to do them both at the same time but there’s all this legal crap and they can’t touch iiNet’s equipment in the exchange and blah de blah, what-a-load-of-bollocks, blah, blah. Stupid legalities I could’ve had my DSL turned on last Thursday with my currently retarded phone connection for fuck’s sake!

So anyway… the sum of Monday and the saga so far…

  • Phone is connected but only half working
  • DSL is finally on it’s way
  • Unfortunately it could be upwards of a week until I get that, and then I have to rely on it working first time.

Thank you Tom! (Enjoy that, I don’t sincerely say thank you that often!)

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