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Cold London = TV Awards

October 5th, 2007 by Raj

Things have been a little slow going the past week. Between trying to organize a flight to get home to Australia early and the miserable drizzle that is London I haven’t been doing a great deal that’s worthy of writing about. As I’m sure you all gathered I haven’t gotten home early, my numerous wait-listed flights didn’t come through so I’ll be returning at my previously decided time, next Wednesday.

So with all the lack of activity what I have I been doing? Well other than a dinner party and generally stuffing my face with gorgeous bacon and eggs most mornings there hasn’t been much else besides the wonderful world that is television. This got me thinking a bit, instead of giving you a play by play of my remote usage and couch occupancy I invite you all to indulge in the inaugural “Raj-makes-up-categories TV Awards”.

Best Newcomer Dirty, Sexy, Money & Californication
I’ve got two down for this one because technically Californication has been around the last month or so but is still one of the major highlights on TV at the moment. It’s a gritty, in your face, no bars hold look at the puke that is Hollywood and the dying art of the word. Granted it also has one of the highest BPM (boob’s per minute) showings on free to air TV in Australia, which may deter some female viewers but that aside its dialogue and premise is brilliant.

Dirty, Sexy, Money is an unusual one. Take “The Royal Tenenbaums” and cross it with “LA Law” and you get the story of a lawyer who’s sole purpose is to keep this one family (The Darlings) out of trouble whilst at the same time trying to find out who hijacked his Dad’s plane and got him killed. I’m really enjoying this one, get on to it.

Flogging a Dead Horse – Desperate Housewives, Season 4
Sorry ladies of Wysteria Lane but having another dead body in the basement, or pregnant mum covering for her idiotic daughter is getting plain boring. You’ve done your dash, hang up the frocks and take your millions and move on. The majority of you are already type-casted don’t make it any worse.

Most Consistent – Weeds, Season 3
Whilst it may now be in it’s third season Weeds has never let me down. You may find the premise of the show a little beyond belief (A middle class widow supporting her family through drug dealing) but if you’ve been watching this one from the beginning you can certainly understand just how realistic this plot could be. Excellent written and full of black humour Weeds is worth going back and watching from season one, episode one if you’ve not heard of the show before.

Biggest Let Down – Heroes, Season 2
I expected big things here, was Sylar still alive, who’s the bogey man that Molly keeps having nightmares about? Instead I get a sci-fi version of “Three Men and a Baby” as Mohinder and Parkman shack up looking after Molly and being a bunch of tossers. Oh and don’t even get me started on Hiro. Fuck, that little moron is the biggest dweeb and the whole story line he’s stuck in is pathetic. I really, really hope things start getting better soon, you’ve got four episodes to get me back.

Piece of Crap – Bionic Woman, Season 1
I’m seriously trying to like this show but each episode looks more tacky and a bigger cliche than the one before it. Hopefully time will prove me wrong but from what I saw in the US NBC are banking on this one big time. So far I’m unimpressed.

Hurry Up Already!!!
This award goes to shows that have taken too long to get around to starting again. These are….
Nip/Tuck, Season 5
Battlestar Galactica, Season 4

Thank god you’ve started again
Again a list, I couldn’t be bothered making up any more fake categories.
House, Season 4
Friday Night Lights, Season 2

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