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Take me out to the Ball Game

September 18th, 2007 by Raj

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I’m not feeling the greatest today. My body is completely exhausted, New York has sucked the life from me and given me a sore throat and runny nose in return. Thanks Guiliani! This past weekend was been pretty full on indeed as I left the harrowing heights of Manhattan and made my way across the Hudson to Jersey. I stayed with friends in Jersey City and spent Saturday checking out the sights and relaxing after spending Friday night in a bar doing free shots of some Vanilla Whiskey they were peddling called “The Knot”. Small tip, although it may be free the aftermath of said beverage is not worth the indulgence; this was one Vanilla flavoured gift horse you would look in the mouth!

The main event of the weekend was a ball game on Sunday afternoon. We took the train from one side of New York to the other to a suburb called “Flushing” where the New York Mets have their home ground, Shea Stadium. This thing was absolutely huge! It was like stretching out Telstra Dome and adding on a few hundred extra rows, I couldn’t believe it, let alone believe how many people were there! The game itself was OK, it got a little boring after the fifth inning though, when some guy for the Philadelphia Phillies hit a home run with the bases loaded and set them up for an easy win over the Mets. Avoiding the crowds we left at the end of the eighth and headed in to SoHo to check out the San Gennaro festival.

Little Italy

The festival was packed, Mulberry Street was completely taken over with stalls, food and a million people trying to fit down a two metre wide avenue all moving in the opposite direction to one another. Lucky for me hidden behind the aroma of Italian sausage, pretzels and beer was a little place I’d like to call “home”. Say hello to a little pub called “8 Mile Creek“.

This hidden gem was most definitely the diamond amongst the rough when greeting me at the bar was that familiar circular green label adorning the cool glistening glass body of a Cooper Pale Ale. Ahhhh, sweet, sweet Coopers, US$6 + tip a bottle, but well worth it! Well as you can imagine, I had a couple, just to remember the home country and all and enjoyed watching the Wallabies give those Welshmen a hiding in the Rugby before returning to the train and heading back to Jersey only to wake up all crappy today. Oh well, was worth it for the Paleys if not anything else! Hehe

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